Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Foolery #20: Home Treatment for Drunkards

From the phenomenal Early Advertising of the West 1867-1918 collection, quackery section, click to enlarge for entire poem. I sent for GOLDEN REMEDY
(As sly as sly can be)
And I put it in John's supper
And I put it in his tea...

It was smoothest kind of sailing
For little Doctor Me...

"Since John he quit a-drinking!"
I can't say it times enough!
And he hates and loathes a liquor
As he would a poison stuff.

(Golden Treatment for Alcoholism (1911) Dr. J.W. Haines Company, Westerner, Vol 13 (6), pg. 21,,382)

I recommend the children dancing around a bottle of Rainier beer like a Maypole as a lovely followup.


Karen Maxon said...

This Vermont twitterer has officially visited your blog -- and a most interesting blog it is too. I'll be back...
Thanks, Karen