Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flickr of hope: Photography as social networking disaster resource

(Ok, I'm sorry about the cheesy title, my journalism background dies hard sometimes)

Uploading property photos of a disaster scene is one of the best uses of Flickr I've heard of in a while, especially considering Ike's scope and the extreme rarity of electricity and residential access in Galveston at the moment. Kudos to this volunteer firefighter for going beyond the call of duty to help his community, and note the city secretary's use of her Blackberry for updating the city's website.

I'm thinking about the ability to link a Flickr account with a camera phone (and sync Flickr photos with a blog, which then gets pushed out via RSS if people aren't subscribed directly to your Flickr RSS...) for lesser quality photos but much quicker uploading time.

Are options like these included as communication methods to attempt in emergency preparedness plans? They should be!

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