Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Foolery #46: What's an Eagle Dawg?

This entry tells the story but it's at the bottom. The original reason for this blog was to participate in a continuing education class that required one, thus I had to come up with a name for it.


UNT EagleStatue by David@UNT

The eagle is the mascot of the University of North Texas, where I received my Master of Science in Information Science degree in December 2007. The Eagle not only sounds better first, but needs to be thanks to an overwhelmingly generous fellowship UNT awarded me for distance learning health informatics in conjunction with Texas A&M University (why I quoted the Aggie Honor Code on my Clinical Reader critique). I not only didn't pay a dime of my tuition but I received a stipend and funding to attend professional conferences. I was given so much that I am grateful for, and will give back the best I can to the field until I drop dead.


Husky statue, University of Washington by cronnc

The dawg is my Seattle home, the University of Washington Huskies (DAWGs). I have been a UW employee continuously for eleven and a half years now, almost completely unheard of for a thirtysomething, and UW is also where I (finally) received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences and Communication in 2005 thanks to the evening degree program. They believed in me to finish my undergraduate education when I did not fully believe in myself, yet the birth of our son made me realize I had to as an example for him even though I was scared out of my wits.


Dale Prince said...

Dang, this is much more prosaic and less terrifying than I had hoped. I had a chimera in mind. Dang.