Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Communication THEN Change: MyNCBI gets it right

I have to say that in comparison to the surprise bomb regarding the PubMed ATM modifications (change with little notice first, no documentation to read beforehand & little afterward), I am very happy with the communication from the National Library of Medicine regarding the MyNCBI change ahead.

A new layout and features will be rolled out after a few hours of downtime beginning at Thursday, September 25th at 2 PM Eastern Time (when is that for the rest of the world?) A tip: connect an email with your current MyNCBI account before Thursday in order to have both password and username retrieval capacity. If you're anything like me you already have several lost MyNCBI accounts floating around in there somewhere because in the increasing number of web resources you've forgotten which usernames you've used where!

For a sneak peek and an explanation that's been available a week ahead of the change (yay!), check out the technical bulletin.

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