Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Delicious & MLAWeb2.0 Tagging

From the recent Medical Library Association (MLA) Focus, which I almost missed, is something available for everyone to use as a resource on Delicious that I thought needed a shoutout in case it hit your spam filter as well:

Are you a Delicious user? Contribute to the Web 2.0 Resources page by
tagging bookmarks you think MLA members should see with the tag
"mlaweb2.0." The MLA Web 2.0 Resources page will be displaying the most
recent bookmarked links. What you should consider tagging: examples of
medical library blogs, wikis, or social bookmarking tool uses; other
good Web 2.0 examples from medical libraries; or simply any good
articles, blog posts, or tools you think are beneficial for MLA members
to see. Check out what's already been bookmarked by MLA Task Force on
Social Networking Software members and other MLA contributors.
Cool! This could also be an RSS feed to keep an eye on since we can't add mlaweb2.0 as a person to our network. I wish there was a way to set up group account options in Delicious, then have frequency of mention indicated as there are already a few website duplications and I'm sure there will be more now that this has been publicized for all of us to share in. Since medical librarians are the main contributors to this project, one can hope that (unlike general population folksonomy tagging) frequency IS a good indicator of high quality resources.

I'm also interested in this project from a sociocultural anthropology perspective but I won't get into too much detail there. Are there even online community sociocultural anthropologists? What behavior drives what we choose to share as important with our online peer group via this method? Completely fascinating thoughts to me that probably bore most everyone else to tears!

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