Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Foolery #13: Hats vs. pants - Don't let your kids read this

(A 'real' post is coming later today mentioning pants as well!)

We've all grown up with it, and many of us say this to the youngest generation now as most of the United States has been encountering an Arctic blast of cold wintry weather:
Don't go outside without your hat on, you'll lose most of your heat!
The response of recent researchers claiming this is a myth?

Humans would be just as cold if they went without trousers as if they went without a hat.
Oh dear. I have visions of defiant mini streakers in the snow with hats on...

Additional features of the Six Homespun Medical Myths Debunked include

  • Holiday sweets don't make the kids more hyperactive.
  • Suicides don't go up over the holidays.
  • Poinsettias aren't poisonous.
  • Avoiding eating at night won't keep the pounds off.
  • The only way to cure a hangover is not to get one in the first place.
(via KevinMD)


Susan said...

I really enjoyed this post.