Sunday, December 7, 2008

NLM: Second Life vs. Reality

I'm a fan of the security process (no fences, no guards who wand you spreadeagled in front of your colleagues after your watch sets off the metal detector, just fly on in!) and perpetual Spring at the Virtual National Library of Medicine (Virtual NLM) in Second Life (SL) compared to the real life deal in Bethesda, MD.

The Virtual NLM seats in a completely empty auditorium, yet they still won't allow you sit down on them? Not so much.

During my recent orientation at NLM (the real deal), Second Life was mentioned more than a few times so I came over to check things out. I freely admit I have no clue how to do much except basic navigation in Second Life since I've logged on to it maybe 4 times, but can envision this as a great distance education platform to go well beyond PowerPoint & web pages. Since Adobe Connect functionality is pushing it for some rural/lower income areas I know SL's massive memory consumption & connectivity speed requirements are major barriers for the time being though.

I will share more information about my time at NLM, including some blurbs about PubMed and cool new things in production now, during the week. Stay tuned!