Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Foolery #19: Bacon Bunn

Here is Coffee Central in our office, and I'd like to introduce our brand new baby Bunn. Oh, how I love our Bunn. 10 cups of piping hot non-bitter coffee in 3 minutes! The bling I've brought to the wall decor is the BACON! pennant, the jaw bra (voted best swag from the AAOMS conference), and this curiousity.

Does anyone out there know Russian to verify that this says 'SHHH!'?

Edit: Thank you Guus! Also from Soviet Power and the Media

During the “Ne boltaj!” (“Do Not Chatter!”) campaign of the late 1940s, Soviet
propaganda posters urged citizens to use the telephone only very cautiously as the enemy
might always be listening in.


digicmb said...

Ne Boltaj! reference:

Will work on translation of the other text