Thursday, January 29, 2009

PubMed Update - SCR Recording & Guide

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region (NN/LM SCR) posted about their January 21st PubMed update.

The recording, at, is in Adobe Connect which can be a little quirky if you've not used it before on your computer. The recording can and probably will take a while to load even if you're on a high speed connection. If you have either no audio at all or the participants sound like Mickey Mouse on speed, run this system check that will guide you to fixes.

I'm a big fan of indexes and guides (I am a librarian, after all) for anything I'm not an active participant in that lasts more than 15 minutes. As I did for the Medical Library Association 2008 presentation, without further ado...

  • 01.00 - Advanced Search intro, including 'the tabs will be going away & watch for announcement'
  • 01:55 - Where in Advanced Search to do a Single Citation Matcher-esque query
  • 02:30 - Sensor in PubMed can pick up citation info from main search box
  • 04:02 - Queries at the bottom of Advanced Search mostly the same as in left sidebar of PubMedPubMed page (MeSH & Journals Databases, Special & Clinical Queries)
  • 05:10 - New MEDLINE tag - Young Adults
  • 06:40 - Demo of a search in Advanced Search
  • 07:00 - Note that in Citation view article titles are now hyperlinked, display is title then authors, other features. This isn't the case in AbstractPlus view.
  • 07:40 - Explanation of what's going on in the right side boxes
  • 08:20 - Just what is 'Recent History'?
  • 08:50 - Recent History crosses different NCBI databases
  • 10:00 - Test: does Recent History pick up MeSH Database search at the moment?
  • 11:10 - Please email your feedback in because frequency counts [or try #pubmed on Twitter!]
  • 11:50-13:10 - View when logged in to customized MyNCBI vs. not logged in citation view
  • 13:55 - Right hand side discussion, Related Articles & Recent Activity
  • 14:45 - Other things may pop in here (Discovery Panel?) as things are tested
  • 15:18 - Related Articles and Recent Activity are being used, so they're there
  • 15:50 - Details tab will be going away, available at top of Advanced Search
  • 16:00 - The question mark icon is the Help screen, will be updated soon
  • 16:33 - Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) - effect of changes during Summer 2008
  • 19:50 - Saved search parameters have changed in MyNCBI
  • 21:00 - May need to create new search if no tags, save under new name, delete old one
  • 23:50 - If you previously saved the search with tags, the saved search should be fine except if it was around September 25, 2008
  • 26:00 - Create date & Entrez date are two different things
  • 30:50 - Watch for Skill Tips and Search Clinic announcements in NLM Technical Bulletin

The rest of the recording is mostly region-specific discussion, questions & answers except

  • 36:00 - Yes really, the Single Citation Matcher search will be disappearing soon


  • 40:20 - Send in your feedback to NLM and a history lesson about AbstractPlus


Anonymous said...

thanks for this! wasn't in on the 'cast though i'm in the region, & i know some other folks will appreciate it too.

RIP single citation matcher, your quick usefulness will be missed by ILL depts everywhere.