Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Foolery #24: An update on Bacon vs. Financial Crisis

Quick, what do the states of Iowa & Kansas and the city of Portland, Oregon have in common right at this very moment?

According to Google Trends, an overwhelming dominance for Google searches about 'bacon', with hardly a trace of 'Dr. Who', 'financial crisis', 'cupcakes', and 'medical library'!

What does this data mean? Where did the cupcakes go when they posted a strong showing in both states and Portland on September 26, 2008? Where is the medical library?!

I have no idea, except to note the news reference volume which is clearly fixated on 'financial crisis'.

I can't include 'stimulus package' or other updated economic meltdown terms since I began the original Friday Foolery or that would be tinkering.

Who knows what will occur with this search trend 24 weeks in the future, but rest assured that Friday Foolery will cover it!