Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Foolery #34: The Hukilau Song

In 1990 I met one of my best friends for life at camp. She tortured me by singing The Hukilau Song repeatedly then got several of my friends to do the same. I still love her anyway.

As a result of surfing YouTube for examples of this song to share, our 6 year old son has now learned it & the torture is continuing anew 19 years later.

Since I'm not there to do it myself, I challenge the Medical Library Association '09 crowd to get a ukulele and play it. Don't know the tune, the words, or how to play a ukulele? No problem! Here is everything you need from a great teacher right here in Seattle:

Just imagine the fun & excitement you now have in store for your committee and section business meetings that begin at 6:30 AM!

Bonus points if you stop by to serenade Elsevier* with a bunch of cod!