Friday, November 13, 2009

AEA - Evaluation of Second Life EP, Evaluation enhancement using web tools

Enhancing Evaluation and Evaluation Practice Using Web 2.0

One of the sessions this morning from the American Evaluation Association conference is a veritable meta-hot topic for my National Network of Library of Medicine (NN/LM) and medical librarian colleagues: Using Adobe Connect for evaluation, and evaluating a Second Life class for health administrators who used it for an emergency preparedness (EP) training scenario.

Some highlights and fun

  • What was life like BT (Before Twitter)?
  • President Obama uses Adobe Connect for meetings to cut travel costs
  • Great collaboration possibilities in Adobe Connect I never even thought of before
  • Traditional eval areas: Knowledge, skills, application, decision making
  • Newish eval areas: Participation, interactivity, constructivism, situativity, visualization, collaboration
  • Challenge: Recognizing that learning will be made of immersive experiences rather than knowledge transfer between teacher and student.

I was quite disappointed that one of the presentations I was looking forward to about the use of wikis to engage stakeholders in meaningful discussions about their program and its evaluation was not offered due to the presenter's change of jobs. That's always a risk with the time lag between proposals and conferences but the first time I've had it happen with something I really wanted to learn more about!