Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Foolery #60: Half Hour Late and a Monkey Short

Yesterday was the happy conjunction of World Toilet Day AND the Great American Smokeout. What an amazing day for the United States to extinguish their butts!

Unfortunately, all of yesterday did not go so well. I know you will be as crestfallen as I am that I heard about too late to secure my very own Screaming Monkey with Hippie Rainbow Smiley Cape to share with you.

I believe this is karma paying me back for usurping the MLA webcast hashtag by six minutes on Wednesday because I missed the monkey sellout point by under a half hour.

Imagine the possbilities of "slingshot rubber arms" and a "professed 50-foot flight range"! This is devastating.


Anonymous said...

One of my siblings has the screming monkey (though without the hippie smiley cape) and it is a marvelous way to startle friends, pets, and relations. Lots of fun at gatherings.

Nicole S. Dettmar said...

Anon, does the monkey really scream too?! That compounds the lost opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it screams as it flies through the air - some kind of mechanism attached to releasing the elastics. Highly entertaining.