Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mahalo MLA '09 Connectivity!

While I was truly happy to miss Hawaii in order to celebrate two family birthdays, a Cub Scout graduation ceremony that involved torrential rain and rockets, and a breakfast with my two favorite aunts from out of state, I was concerned about not being aware of the news coming from the conference and being 'out of the loop.'

I shouldn't have.

Due to the great efforts of many talented organizers, I not only felt I was hearing the latest thanks to Twitter and the Official Blog, but I was able to participate in them live a few times. Special thanks go to whoever set up the TweetChat channel at the Tech Trends panel (a bear walking by our house rudely interrupted my time there) and Rachel Walden during the Ethics Task Force open forum for voicing my Twitter input there.

What I am most excited about are the conference posters online, presented in a forum for all to browse. Having the MLA 09 poster guide handy is probably best as the search function highlights matched posters for terms but won't draw them together into a collection. Go check it out! The rather large embed is below this post in case it doesn't come across the RSS feed.