Monday, August 17, 2009

Acting More Like a Librarian

I did not become a librarian because I love books.

This is a good thing because one of my childhood friends is much better than I with regularly reading and writing about books, and she let me do a guest entry review today for Girl in a Blue Dress.

I may give the book a re-read down the road but my guess is Diana Gabaldon has permanently wrecked my expectations for the historical fiction genre. I still have to smirk at the title of her upcoming novel (An Echo in the Bone) but it's not like I'm counting down the seconds until it's out next month.

OK maybe I am. Of course I'm hoping Amazon gets it to me before the release date!


Anonymous said...

Your not alone. I am not a big book reader. It surprises a lot of friends who assume that I must read a lot since I am a librarian. I always make a joke out of asking them what sort of books would I read in my library.