Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Blog - Distance Learning Series

DEANZ Panel on the Future of Distance Education by Choconancy1 Apparently it's a tropical amoeba?

I don't like tooting my own horn but realize that not all readers of this blog read our group work blog, where I just finished a series of posts about distance learning for continuing education (CE) classes that you may be interested in.

These were somewhat hard for me to write because I had to keep a broad general audience in mind, not focus on any particular modality's features or quirks, and check my wacky sense of humor at the door with a few exceptions sprinkled in there.

Everyone should be thankful I left our vacation's campfire distance education epiphany out of the equation entirely. A brief glimpse at that trainwreck: Despite having all essential elements present (kindling, wood, fire & oxygen = well designed curriculum), sometimes the educator has to keep blowing gently in different areas to get a spark going... but not too hard or it'll kill the fire entirely... and sometimes you have to show up with a big stick and rudely poke the curriculum (maybe the students or educator?) around until the spark catches... but then do I really want to compare distance learning to blowing, beating, and a fiery inferno?

Yeah. I blame that on my brain decompressing since my last vacation was Snowpocalypse 2008 and wasn't exactly a stress-free experience.

Do you have a split work/personal blog personality too or am I the only one who struggles with this a bit?


distance learning said...

Ha ha ha...No i don't have a split work/personal blog personality. But i guess you must be having lots of funny moments with that kind of personality.

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