Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Foolery #39: Save your bacon - use a bookmark

Bibliobuffet - The Legend of the Bacon Bookmark

Apparently plenty of library books have been returned with real live dead bacon strips as bookmarks in them! I had forgotten about the 2003 Unshelved strip (ha!) dealing with the matter and may just need to have Gene & Bill autograph a printout for me at the PNC/MLA 2009 meeting where they will be our speakers. No really, it's true! See "Banquet with the "Unshelved" guys" on October 19th?

The writer found many mentions of bacon bookmarks (including "book jerky" in Cinncinnati) although I do have to quibble that Multnomah County is is Oregon. If your location has a whole lot of Ks & Ts (Klickitat, Kittitas) or Ss and Qs with unclear pronounciation (Sequim, Snoqualmie), you're in Washington.