Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guest entry - PubMed: What's New and What's Ahead

First things first: This is not the Medlibs Round PubMed edition as it is delayed.*

However, I see this delay as a great benefit because I am thrilled to host Clinical Librarian Shamsha Damani, who did some fantastic coverage of MLA '09 and really should go forth with her own blog (not so subtle hint!), with a new guide that she wrote for M.D. Anderson clinicians at PubMed: What's New and What's Ahead. This is a great resource that gets to the main points of the PubMed presentation at MLA in text format, thank you so much for sharing it Shamsha!

*It is late because I severely underestimated my ability to review & synthesize submissions I received while I was at Woods Hole last week. What the heck was I thinking? It's even worse this week because I have no brain left whatsoever after my regular job each night, and not all that much while I'm there either. I've pretty much been running full tilt since around 4am on May 31st so hopefully a real weekend where nobody is allowed to ask me how Woods Hole went will help.