Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MBL/NLM MI Day 2: Yarrr!

Thar be the wily Metathesaurus!

It's hard to tell unless you click the picture that Jim Cimino is wearing a shirt with a skull & crossbones from Captain Kidd. At least he chose that one instead of one about the beatings continuing until morale improves, although he is after us to complete our session evaluations since he has less than 100% compliance. We should probably watch out.

Controlled terminology is something I'll never get too excited about but I have to say this is the only 100+ slide powerpoint presentation that lasted all morning I've found to be very useful the entire time. I even sent a link to it on Twitter to help a colleague with a reference question about ICD-9 codes while it was happening, and know I'll be further investigating some of the terminologies I had never heard of before. Skip down to slide 120 to check out information about infobuttons in electronic medical records (EMRs).

Dr. Michael Ackerman, Assistant Director for High Performance Computing and Communications at the National Library of Medicine, is an engaging speaker who gave presentations on imaging informatics and telemedicine that were fantastic, inspirational, and challenged us to be innovative. It is rare that much of anything holds my rapt attention between 4-5 pm but he did, and I would have been perfectly happy to stay later and hear even more.

Our group project time after dinner was interesting as we managed to stump our fearless tech support with what we wanted to to in Drupal. I was particularly frustrated with myself since I teach online using another open source course management system (Moodle) and thought that I could either figure out for myself how to create things our group wanted to do or articulate well what we wanted. I failed miserably on both accounts.

The bar at Captain Kidd has pitchers of Murphy's stout that helped afterward though.