Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One-stop MBL/NLM Spring 2009 BioMedical Informatics bloggage

Want to learn more about the MBL/NLM BioMedical Informatics course?

Without further ado:

Day One
  • What is informatics?
  • Bioinformatics
  • Database design
  • Disaster informatics

Day Two
  • Controlled terminology
  • Imaging informatics
  • Telemedicine

Day Three
  • Clinical information systems (CIS)
  • NCBI, PubMed & more

Day Four
  • Public health informatics
  • Consumer health informatics
  • Decision analytic tools for evidence-based practice
  • Personal health records (PHR)

Day Five & Six
  • Education informatics
  • Care Provider Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Evaluation
  • Internet: What's coming
  • Current issues

If anyone asks me how Woods Hole went, for the time being I spout forth one or more of the following
  • Amazing. Just amazing.
  • 125 people applied for 1 of the 30 spots there. Why did they pick me?
  • Why isn't MLA collectively tapping Woods Hole alumni for the Vital Pathways project? Usually followed by an incoherent spiel about membership/organization ROI, future trends with electronic medical records, politics, etc.
  • Check out this pen, it's also a 1G flash drive!

My advice: Apply next year if this grabs hold of you. I'll be working on an online class to teach others but I guarantee the experience won't come remotely close. The all-expenses paid fellowship is not just for Americans as we had a Norwegian there too (skol!) Our medical library profession needs all the help it can get for navigating and advocating in informatics. If you weren't accepted for the program this year, try again. Keep it real by speaking your truth, your passion, and your intent to go forth and help change things for the better. I did within 6 hours after class was over by connecting two people working at federal agencies who needed to be talking with each other about the projects they're working on!

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result. ~Mahatma Ghandi


Anonymous said...

MLA isn't tapping anybody for the Vital Pathways "Project" because it was a taskforce and not a project and has ended. There'll be some kind of final report but the group has turned all its activities over to groups within MLA mostly HLS. Sigh! There should be more coming out of this but there isn't.

Nikki Dettmar said...

Thanks for the perspective! I chose the project terminology due to the final report wording & am puzzled why only the one section seems to be heavily involved. I'm not a member of that particular one but still want to help.